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An excellent FM broadcast recording, completed using a master tape of the original 1983 broadcast and a recording of a 2005 broadcast. This recording was broadcast on the 11th of April 1984, according to this interview.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list


  • Source 1: dimenew's stellar sounding master tape of the original broadcast (Sony CHF60 master cassette -> Yamaha KX-493 tape deck -> Creative SoundBlaster AWE32 -> Wavelab 4.0), originally seeded on DIME around 2008
    • provided the core recording
  • Source 2: Dutch broadcast of 7 tracks on April 21, 2005 recorded by Jerommeke (FM -> Sony MD313 -> Creative SoundBlaster Live!), available here at 1983-12-06 Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands/Source 2: