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1997-04-xx Radioactivo 9.85, Mexico City, Mexico


In the last week of February 1997, Depeche Mode were in New York not only to shoot the video for It's No Good, but also to do many interviews and photoshoots. Mexican radio station Radioactivo 9.85 interviewed Martin and Andy there on February 27th. Radioactivo 9.85 aired this interview as part of a 30-minute special about DM. YouTube user djaivy 13 has uploaded this special [on his channel].

[Depechemodemexico] has also uploaded a radio greeting from Martin Gore from that day, right before 'Barrel Of A Gun' was being played: "Hello, this is Martin Gore from Depeche Mode, and you're listening to Radioactive 85 1/2: fuck everyone else." This ID greeting is embedded below.

  • Duration: 32:33 minutes