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2001-07-01 Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Boston, MA, USA


Here is the diary entry from

I am now in Boston and we had a crazy time flying over here. There was a severe storm that we had to fly around, so the last 20 minutes of the flight were a bit scary. We kept dropping down, then popping back up - UGH! And Georgia, our backup singer was up in the cockpit at the time, so we all blamed her for the turbulence. Tonight, as we fly back into NYC, I reserved the seat in the cockpit as we land into New York. I heard it is amazing to land into a large city like that, so hopefully I can tell you all how it was tomorrow.

Poe just finished her set, so I need to go out and make sure the photographers are in place. Not too sure if many people are here since a friend of mine phoned me who was on her way, yet turned back because the storm was so bad. Oh no, I hope our flight is not too rough on our way back!

I also wanted to say thank you to a woman who came up to me at the Philly show and complemented me on my entries, I did not get her name. It was so nice to hear that and made me feel as if people do actually read them and enjoy them rather than criticize what I write about. Hopefully you all enjoy them and realize that our life out here is pretty repetitive. I will try to make them as interesting as possible, but bare with me!

Author: Brat

Puracane was also the support act.

Set list


  • Source 1 is a good audience recording. Bass is distorted.
  • Source 2 is davevil's very good master audience recording. Unfortunately, the last four tracks are missing.