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2001-08-29 Skonto Stadium, Riga, Latvia


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Today we flew on our new European plane from Tallinn to Riga and boy is it nice. We could probably fit about 100 people in there. The flight attendants are a bit different though and very formal, something we are not used to. I am sure that they will become a bit more relaxed once they see how informal we are!


I am sitting at a show right now in Riga, Latvia. Let me tell you, things work so differently over here. The show seems to be going fine as of now. They are on stage performing "I Feel You" at the moment and I am just about to go out for "In Your Room" as I do every show night!

This venue we are playing is brand new and the only other show that has been here is Elton John back in July. It is a nice venue - general admission, so people are all over. Not sure how they enjoy being squished in there, but they seem to be having fun.

Author: Nichelle

BrainStorm was the support act.

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