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2001-09-05 Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany


Here is the diary entry from

The Berlin shows were amazing and probably the best crowds we have had so far. They were singing so loud to the songs that you could barely hear David!

The venue was so very beautiful and had a great deal of history behind it. It is in the middle of the woods and Hitler used to make speeches there at the height of his glory. And the way you walk to the stage is through this underground tunnel that constantly curves toward the stage. Hitler used to walk through the same walls, so when you make your way down it, you get this eery feeling - it is rather creepy. The reason why the tunnel is curved, I was told, is because tat way, no one could hide behind anything and make a straight shot at Hitler. With it curving, his guards could see ahead and make sure he was safe. Crazy!

The venue is also amazing because instead of the audience going straight back, the venue goes steeply up a hill (you can see from the pictures). That way, from the stage, you can see ALL the people rather than just the ones in the front half. So during "Never Let Me Down Again," I cannot even tell you how great it looked. That song is always incredible, but with that setup, it looked amazing.

Author: Nichelle

According to now-defunct site, the monitor boxes and backing tapes were not in-sync during 'Waiting For The Night', because Dave sang the entire song too early.

Fad Gadget was the support act.

Set list


  • Source 1 is Falko N's good master audience recording.