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2001-09-18 SKK Arena, St. Petersburg, Russia



Allegedly, Martin's guitar crashed during Home and he had to change it.

Here is the diary entry from

Then we went onto St. Petersburg - very beautiful place. The show went well and we left the next day, so not too much time to do anything, but we did make it out before our flight left to see the amazing sights.

All in all, Russia was very interesting, yet I think we were all very happy to leave. A couple things I can say that we all agree on is that the food is not the best, and the drivers of our vans have got to be the scariest drivers in this world. We had so many close calls I cannot even tell you!

Author: Nichelle

Technique (later on called 'Client') were the support act.


Set list


  • Source 1 is Vitaly's good master audience recording.