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Depeche Mode's 2001 "Exciter" tour, promoting their tenth album of the same name.
|screenshot=2001 Exciter Tour Icon.jpg
|title=2001 Exciter Tour
|tour=2001 Exciter Tour
|artist=[[Depeche Mode]]
|personnel=[[Dave Gahan]]<br>[[Martin L. Gore|Martin Gore]]<br>[[Andrew Fletcher]]
|stagemusicians=[[Christian Eigner]] (drums)<br>[[Peter Gordeno]] (keyboards, backing vocals)
|backingvocalists=Jordan Bailey<br>Georgia Lewis
|supportacts={{EL|https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe_(singer) Poe}} <small>(2001-06-11 - 2001-08-19)</small><br>{{EL|https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puracane Puracane}} <small>(2001-07-01)</small><br>{{EL|https://www.discogs.com/artist/4842-Angel-Molina DJ Angel Molina}} <small>(2001-08-28 - 2001-08-31)</small><br>{{EL|https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainstorm_(Latvian_band) BrainStorm}} <small>(2001-08-28 - 2001-08-31)</small><br>{{EL|https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technique_(band) Technique}} <small>(2001-09-02 - 2001-11-05)</small><br>{{EL|https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fad_Gadget Fad Gadget}} <small>(2001-09-04 - 2001-10-25)</small>
|length=2001-03-24 - 2001-11-05 <small>(7 months)</small>
The [[:Category:2001 Exciter Tour|2001 Exciter Tour]] was an international tour undertaken by [[Depeche Mode]] in support of their tenth studio album ''[[Exciter]]''.
For a list of all support acts on this tour, [[Support acts|go here]].
For a list of all support acts on this tour, [[Support acts|go here]].

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2001 Exciter Tour
2001 Exciter Tour Icon.jpg
Tour name 2001 Exciter Tour
By Depeche Mode
Personnel Dave Gahan
Martin Gore
Andrew Fletcher
Stage musicians Christian Eigner (drums)
Peter Gordeno (keyboards, backing vocals)
Backing vocalists Jordan Bailey
Georgia Lewis
Support acts Poe (2001-06-11 - 2001-08-19)
Puracane (2001-07-01)
DJ Angel Molina (2001-08-28 - 2001-08-31)
BrainStorm (2001-08-28 - 2001-08-31)
Technique (2001-09-02 - 2001-11-05)
Fad Gadget (2001-09-04 - 2001-10-25)
Length 2001-03-24 - 2001-11-05 (7 months)
Number of shows 88

The 2001 Exciter Tour was an international tour undertaken by Depeche Mode in support of their tenth studio album Exciter.

For a list of all support acts on this tour, go here.

To read the official tour diary for this tour, go here.

Line up and songwriting credits

  • Dave Gahan - lead vocals
  • Martin L. Gore - keyboards, guitar, backing vocals, occasional lead vocals (denoted by (*) in track listings)
  • Andrew Fletcher - keyboards
  • Peter Gordeno - keyboards, backing vocals
  • Christian Eigner - drums
  • Jordan Bailey - backing vocals
  • Georgia Lewis - backing vocals

All songs performed were written by Martin L. Gore.

Dates with downloads available

82 out of 88 dates have recordings from this tour.

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