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== Notes ==
Here is Daryl Bamonte's entry for the famous Devotional Tour Diary, published in Bong magazine in 1994:
''The traffic here is worse than Mexico City and the Blackwall Tunnel put together. On the way to the show, Fletch, Martin and I were told that we had a police motorcycle escort, but I don’t think that anybody actually told him that he was a police motorcycle escort, and he promptly disappeared into the night. I finally had to resort to lying down in front of an Austin Seven, so its driver would stop and let us drive on the pavement. Still, we got to the gig just in time to see Kessler chasing the promoter out of the building, clutching a pair of scissors. The promoter’s crime? He put up posters around the gig advertising “Smoky Joes Crisps”, against our wishes. The scissors? To cut down the posters of course!''
According to [ these attendees], actor [ Roderick Paulate] was the announcer. The Rizal Underground was the support act.
{{Template:Exotic|A Question Of Lust}}
{{Template:Exotic|A Question Of Lust}}
== Sources ==
*[[{{PAGENAME}}/Source 1|Source 1]] is a decent audience recording; it's quite hissy and is somewhat incomplete.
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