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Depeche Mode's 1983 - 1984 "Construction Time Again" tour, promoting their third album of the same name. This tour was the last to have an album played live in its entirety.
|screenshot=1983-1984 Construction Time Again Tour Icon.jpg
|title=Construction Time Again Tour
|tour=Construction Time Again Tour
|artist=[[Depeche Mode]]
|personnel=[[Dave Gahan]]<br>[[Alan Wilder]]<br>[[Martin L. Gore|Martin Gore]]<br>[[Andrew Fletcher]]
|length=1983-09-07 - 1984-06-02 <small>(8 months, 26 days)</small>
|supportacts={{EL| Matt Fretton}}<br>{{EL| Sense}}

For a list of all support acts on this tour, [[Support acts|go here]].
The [[:Category:1983-1984 Construction Time Again Tour|Construction Time Again Tour]] was a 1983-1984 international tour undertaken by [[Depeche Mode]] in support of their third studio album ''[[Construction Time Again]]''.

== Line up and songwriting credits ==
== Line up and songwriting credits ==

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