1981-01-23 Hope 'N' Anchor, London, England, UK

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This concert is not mentioned in the official tour dates list, however, in BONG magazine issue #12 it is said that DM played on this date (while also saying that Alan Wilder played with The Hitmen at this venue the night before). Moreover, a concert advertisement appeared in NME at the time, confirming this. This gig was probably organised by Stevo Pearce, in the run up to the release of the 'Some Bizzare' album. DM supported Naked Lunch on this night, who were also featured on the 'Some Bizzare' album. There were other gigs organised by Stevo featuring artists to be included on this album, such as Blancmange and Depeche Mode at the same venue on 11th January 1981.

DM also seem to have played another gig on this day, 1981-01-23 Rascals, Southend-On-Sea, Essex, England, UK.

Naked Lunch was the support act.

Thanks to Facebook group 'Depeche Mode Classic Photos And Videos' for this research.