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Depeche Mode's 2017-2018 "Global Spirit" Tour, promoting their 14th studio album "Spirit", produced by James Ford with a release date of March 17, 2017.

Depeche Mode will again partner with Swiss watch maker Hublot, raising money and awareness for charity: water.[1]

The songs World In My Eyes, Everything Counts, and Wrong have new intros on this tour.

On most dates, Depeche Mode covers David Bowie's "Heroes" as a tribute to the late musician. The song has an historical connection with the band; you can read more about it on this page: 1980-04-0x Rehearsal, Woodlands School, Basildon, Essex, England, UK

The intro to the show consists of two parts: The first part is a 1:10 clip of The Beatles' "Revolution" and the second part is a remixed version of Cover Me.

At the time of writing (August 3 2017), Dave Gahan appears to have two gimmicks for this tour:

  1. During the pre-tour gigs Avatar Studios and Hollywood Forever as well as every gig on this tour except Nice, Dave raps towards the end of Barrel Of A Gun: "Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge / I'm trying not to lose my head" which is from a song called 'The Message' by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. When webmaster Daniel "BRAT" Barassi jokingly said on Instagram that he was taking credit for the inspiration for this line since he creates a lot of mash-ups, Dave's wife Jennifer Sklias (jokingly or seriously) commented "Naw... they was my idea!"
  2. During the waving part of Never Let Me Down Again (excepting the S.I.R. Studios rehearsal of course), Dave Gahan picks up a large shooter gun on the catwalk with which he fires off T-shirts. The only concerts where he has not done this are Amsterdam, Antwerp, Ljubljana, Athens, Bratislava, Phoenix, Dublin, Manchester, and Buenos Aires.

Line up and songwriting credits

  • Dave Gahan - lead vocals
  • Martin L. Gore - keyboards, guitar, backing vocals, occasional lead vocals (denoted by (*) in track listings)
  • Andrew Fletcher - keyboards
  • Peter Gordeno - keyboards, bass guitar (during A Pain That I'm Used To and Heroes), backing vocals
  • Christian Eigner - drums

All songs performed to date were written by Martin L. Gore, except Cover Me and Poison Heart written by Dave Gahan, Peter Gordeno, and Christian Eigner; and Heroes written by David Bowie and Brian Eno.

Dates with downloads available


  1. Martin Gore during the Milan press conference: "... We want to announce that we will be partnering with our friends at Hublot again to continue our support of charity: water. If you don't know charity: water, you should. They're an amazing organization whose goal is to bring clean, safe drinking water to everybody on the planet. On the last tour, with our fans' help, we were able to raise over 1.4 million for charity: water."

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