1981-05-03 Raquels, Basildon, England, UK

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It is most likely that Anton Corbijn's brother Maarten (also a photographer) traveled to this concert to shoot some photos for Dutch magazine "Vinyl", under his pseudonym "Kooos". That means that he shot DM about three months before his big brother did (which was for the cover of the August 22nd 1981 issue of the NME).

Tim Michael Williams, a Basildon photographer, says:

"When Depeche Mode had played [on this night] at what was billed as a 'Futurist Night', the venue was barely a quarter full. On that night many of the people attending had been photographed and appeared in the early issues of Style magazine I.D. The futurist subculture had just become mainstream."

Andy Fletcher's sister Sue wrote in a Facebook group:

"I remember sneaking my mum in there. Andy was nervous and said he didn't want mum there, but hey, she had a great time, and Depeche Mode were great [...]"