1988-02-15 Radio Horten, Tønsberg, Norway: Revision history

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15 February 2022

  • curprev 20:5220:52, 15 February 2022Angelinda talk contribs 635 bytes +635 Created page with "{{Stub}} ==Notes== During Depeche Mode's visit in Norway, Dave Gahan and Alan Wilder were asked to state an ID greeting for Radio Horten. The greeting was uploaded by SoundCloud user Ronny Tollefsen [https://soundcloud.com/ronny-tollefsen/depeche-mode-p-radio-horten-2 here]. *Duration: 0:27 minutes ==Audio== <html5media>https://media.dmlive.wiki/interviews/1988-02-15%20-%20Radio%20Horten%20%28Norway%29%20-%20ID%20Greeti..."