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This audio is from a DVD of an interview with Depeche Mode as well as with fans before and after the concert. There are also some pro-shot snippets from the concert with a mixture of soundboard and audience audio throughout. All of the songs are incomplete, and are very poorly edited to remove parts of the song or to showcase the audience cheering.

You can stream & download the DVD at 1990-06-13 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA/Source 1.


NOTE: This audio has been re-encoded from its original format (AC3 384kbps) in order to allow streaming. Quality may be noticeably diminished compared to the original files which you can download below.

You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [23:19] Play Interview
  2. [16:41] Play Interview & Fans
  3. [2:56] Play Enjoy The Silence
  4. [3:15] Play Strangelove
  5. [3:53] Play Personal Jesus
  6. [7:29] Play Fans Interview
  • Total time: 57:30


  • unknown (probably VHS or S-VHS?) -> unknown transfer -> DVD -> DVD Audio Extractor -> demuxed AC3 384kbps soundtrack