1995-12-18 KROQ, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Richard Blade interviewed David Gahan backstage at the 1995 KROQ Acoustic Christmas. David was not performing. He was just there for the show, hanging with Oasis. David discussed the upcoming Ultra album, and thanked the fans for sending him letters after "he did what he did". This interview was not broadcast until 1997. The profanity was "bleeped" out of the broadcast version. This version contains the profanity.

Recording, uploading, and info by Daniel "BRAT" Barassi, uploaded on Depechemode.com.

A transcript of the interview was uploaded on Tuug.utu.fi.

  • Duration: 2:20


Audio transcript

Richard Blade: Dave, you're back in Los Angeles. How long you gonna be here for?

David Gahan: Ehm, I've got about a month's break.

Richard Blade: And then it's back to London for more recording?

David Gahan: Ehm no, we're going to go to New York for a while... um... and then back to London, and then back to New York. But we've, we've like recorded three songs, roughly, and it's really different, but it's... Alan left of course so we... we've brought in Tim Siminon and he's really good, ehm... We were in...

Richard Blade: From Living Color, right?

David Gahan: Ehm no, that was Doug Wimbush, the bass player, right. And he played with us and stuff and Gozer as well, who drummed with Soul II Soul... um... We usually love [or something like that] the musicians in this band. And me and Martin are getting on really well, and Fletch, um. I, I wanna thank, while we've got the chance, everybody that sent me fucking letters, excuse me, everybody that sent me letters after I did what I did, which was very silly. Ehm, but ehm it was it, was amazing it made me feel a lot better and um, back to the record. We hope to get it to be out in October, you know, it's really good Richard.

Richard Blade: I can't tell you how many calls I get a week asking A) how you doing, how's the band doing, B) and when can they get something from you. I mean, people really love you still.

David Gahan: Well, I'll tell you what. One thing I can say about the stuff we're recording, it's Depeche Mode fans, fans like, it's like what they understand about Depeche Mode, it's in the bedroom with their headphones on, crying your eyes out.

Richard Blade: Wow. And when do you think we can, uhhh, get something from you, actually on CD?

David Gahan: As soon as I get something mixed, I'll be in your office.

Richard Blade: Are you gonna be up for a tour?

David Gahan: I don't think, we've got no plans at the moment, maybe a few little shows here and there, but the tour took it's toll on us all, a lot. Um, and we decided to, with this record, to do something different, do different ways of letting people know about our record, and um, [we've all got] families, things going on, you know.

Richard Blade: Yeah, now with shows like this, with all the bands together, would you consider doing one of these?

David Gahan: Yeah, I've been hanging out with Oasis last night all night and today as well, I tnink they're great, I love them.

Richard Blade: But do you see yourself doing something like this?

David Gahan: I think something like this could be cool.

Richard Blade: Like the Weenie Roast in June?

David Gahan: I'm not saying nothing. I've got to go Richard.

Richard Blade: All right Dave.

David Gahan: I, I'll talk to you again, though.