2001-06-30 First Union Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA/Source 2

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An excellent soundboard recording of 7 tracks. I Feel Loved has some distortion on Dave's vocals and loud bursts of static are heard towards the end of the track, unfortunately. The version of this track broadcast over French FM radio (Source 3) is not subject to these flaws, but that copy is lossy and also subject to typical FM dynamic range compression.

I suspect these songs were recorded and prepared for the Freelove DVD single which includes The Dead Of Night, Breathe, and Freelove, and obviously more songs were prepared than were used on the actual release. The mixing of these tracks differs noticeably from the versions on the DVD single. It is possible these are some interim mixes of some sort, which explains both the mixing/mastering differences and the audio issues on I Feel Loved.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [4:16] Play The Sweetest Condition
  2. [7:18] Play Freelove
  3. [5:39] Play Breathe (*)
  4. [6:46] Play When The Body Speaks
  5. [5:15] Play The Dead Of Night
  6. [6:10] Play Dream On
  7. [5:33] Play I Feel Loved
  • Total time: 40:57


  • CD-R -> XLD (log file unavailable) -> FLAC level 8