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By Jean-Michel Jarre, Martin Gore
Songwriter Jean-Michel Jarre
Recorded 2022
Originally released 8 September 2022
Live performances as Jean-Michel Jarre, Martin Gore 0 times *
Total live performances 0 times *

"BRUTALISM TAKE 2" is a collaborative remix of the 2022 Jean-Michel Jarre song 'Brutalism' by Jean-Michel Jarre and Martin Gore. It was digitally released as a promotional single supporting the 2022 Jean-Michel Jarre album Oxymore on 8 September 2022.


In a September 2022 article, featured promotional language from Jean-Michel Jarre describing the collaborative nature of the production of his 2022 album Oxymore:

"On Oxymore I wanted to do a few collaborations for each single with young and established artists. I hope there will be some fun surprises in the mix for you. Collaborations won't be on the album and for now only available to stream and download. For the roll-out I am delighted to announce Martin Gore. From great haunted melodies to extreme experimentations Martin Gore is one of the most eclectic electronic music composers. His unique touch in 'BRUTALISM TAKE 2' shows it. It has been a real pleasure and honor to collaborate with you Martin!"[1]

Jarre continued:

"['Brutalism' is] definitely a heavier track [..] I wanted to create an apocalyptic mood. Like a kind of big bang of Berlin techno, at the beginning when it was an explosion, that kind of feel, maybe due to the remains of the war."[2]

Music video

Dates where BRUTALISM TAKE 2 was played

BRUTALISM TAKE 2 has never been played live.


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