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My name is Linda, a.k.a 'Angelinda' (stupid username, I know). Here's what I do/have done on the Internet:

  • 2015 till present -, assistant - upload & transcribe/translate radio interviews, add info on pages, make pages (e.g. Support acts, 1980/1981 info, DM-related bands, and Tour diaries)
  • 2013 till present -, co-admin - find/buy/sort/credit all photos of Depeche Mode, add all info about each event
  • 2012 till present -, moderator - approve new members, create topics that are relevant to the Dutch fanbase
  • 2012 till 2016 -, assistant - write news stories on the site
  • 2010 till 2018 -, assistant - transcribe/translate subtitles for DMTVA DVDs, make DVD-roms containing "internet-only" video interviews and low-quality TV recordings, find/buy/sort/credit all magazine/newspaper scans, find/sort TV performances/TV interviews/audio interviews/website interviews/etcetera (over 13,000 media items in total), transcribe/translate magazine/newspaper scans