1982-01-20 Crocs, Rayleigh, Essex, England, UK

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This was the first concert of the 1982 See You Tour, and the first show with Alan Wilder in the line-up. The setlist is our best guess based on most other gigs later on in the 1982 See You Tour.

Summary made by 'Depeche Mode Biography':

[On the 20th of January] Alan had his first gig with DM at Crocs in Raleigh. The band commented on Alan that "he's a good musician, though they're not certain that's what they needed. He was somewhat shaken by the mayhem surrounding Depeche as crushed kids in the front row were plucked out of their very shoes to save them from severe damage." Remember that this happened just about one year after they'd started! They were really a hip boy-band, especially loved by young girls. Fletch: "The audience is less and less trendy - more school kids, 14 and 15 year olds. People who used to come and see us don't really come any more. - When you go for the teenage market, in a couple of years the teenagers will be grown up and they'll forget you." Sometimes they had to play special early gigs because most of these girls were too young to go to a gig later in the evening. Dave: "Well, mainly we're doing it because on the last tour we saw a lot of kids that was sort of outside our gigs and couldn't get in because they were too young, because we were playing places [that were] mostly over 18, and the people were strict about letting people in. So we feel it's only fair to let the people that are buying our records to see us."

Set list

  1. Shout
  2. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
  3. Boys Say Go!
  4. Puppets
  5. See You
  6. Big Muff
  7. Now, This Is Fun
  8. Ice Machine
  9. New Life
  10. Tora! Tora! Tora!
  11. The Meaning Of Love
  12. Just Can't Get Enough
  13. What's Your Name?
  14. Photographic
  15. Dreaming Of Me
  16. I Like It
  17. Television Set