Big Muff

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8. Tora! Tora! Tora!
9. Big Muff
List of Speak & Spell songs
10. Any Second Now
Big Muff
Song Big Muff
By Depeche Mode
Songwriter Martin L. Gore
Produced by Depeche Mode
Daniel Miller
Recorded at Blackwing Studios (London)
Length (mm:ss) 4:20
Tempo 140 BPM
Time signature 4
Key B♭ Minor
Engineered by Eric Radcliffe
John Fryer
Originally released 6 November 1981
Live performances as Depeche Mode 79 times *
Total live performances 79 times *

"Big Muff" is an instrumental song from the 1981 album Speak & Spell by Depeche Mode.

Live performances

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