1982-xx-xx ID Greetings, Ursprung, Sparkasse, Berlin, Germany

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Somewhere in 1982, a compilation LP was released called Urspung by Sparkasse, which is described on Discogs as "Not a label in the traditional sense but a long-running financial institute that does release promotional records and similar goodies." Most of the tracks on this LP titled Ursprung begin with a short ID greeting, including Depeche Mode's New Life which is on the LP.

  • Duration: 00:29 minutes


Alan: I'm Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode, it's nice to be here. I play synthesizer and do backing vocals.

Andy: Hello, my name is Andy, and I also play synthesiser, and do some singing.

Martin: I'm Martin Gore, I play synthesiser and do backing vocals.

Dave: My name is Dave Gahan, I'm the lead vocalist with the band, it's great to be here.

Martin: Eh, our first single in Germany, which was 'New Life' ... This is Martin, by the way.