1983-12-06 RockTempel, KRO FM, Hilversum, Netherlands

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Shortly before DM's performance at Paradiso in 1983, Alan Wilder was interviewed by KRO FM. This interview was (re)broadcast in 1984. Soundcloud user 'Depeche Mode NL' has uploaded this interview.

  • Duration: 2:40 minutes



Host: Dat was Depeche Mode, zoals het klonk op 6 December in het vorige jaar in Paradiso, Amsterdam. De opname werd gemaakt door Michiel Huizinga en gemixt door Gert de Bruijn. Na afloop van het concert had Hans de Bruijn een gesprek met een van de leden van Depeche Mode, Alan, een van de toetsenisten. Hij vroeg hoe het was toen Vince Clarke, die de oprichter van de groep genoemd zou kunnen worden, de band verliet. Want Vince Clarke was toch degene die de meeste [liedjes] en in ieder geval alle hitsongs voor Depeche Mode had geschreven?

Translation: Host: That was Depeche Mode, as they sounded on December 6th, last year at Paradiso, Amsterdam. The recording was made by Michiel Huizinga and mixed by Gert de Bruijn. After the concert, Hans de Bruijn had a conversation with one of the members of Depeche Mode, Alan, one of the keyboardists. He asked what it was like when Vince Clarke, who could be called the founder of the group, left the band. Because, wasn't Vince Clarke the one who had written most of the songs and at least all of the hits for Depeche Mode?

Alan: At that time, Martin wasn't really worried about recording his own songs. He was happy to work at his own pace. Vince was very much the kind of, the "pushing power" within the band. He's [a] very "go ahead" kind of person, Vince, he wants to get things done and I think that's probably the reason why he went off on his own anyway. But I don't think it bothered Martin at the time. He was quite happy to take a more of a backseat role, then, because, before Vince left, he didn't write too many songs. He wrote a couple on the first album, but the rest were Vince's. But since then, he's become more prolific, and writes quite frequently now, and I think his writing has improved, as well. At first it was a bit difficult for him, but now, things are much easier. Also, I'm contributing some of the material as well, so there's no problem with material these days.

Host: [Translating Alan's answer to Dutch]