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I was searching on the internet for some of their early setlists. I think it is somehow similar with the setlist from May 31,1980 Basildon, since I found that the setlist only had 6 tracks. Also, as far as I know the track Radio News was played for aproximately 3 times during the 1980 and because the demo tape (with Ice Machine and Photographic) was recorded around June, it might be correct. Also thinking about the fact that they played a few cover songs only around that time, this might make sense since some them only appear on those earlier setlists. They we're short probably because they didn't write too many songs at that time, since the earlier setlists information contain only a few songs, but I also discovered setlists with a higher number of songs. This might be true or not!

Daniro2505 (talk) 16:24, January 29, 2015