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You can listen to this entire recording below.
You can listen to this entire recording below.


== Track list ==
== Track list ==

#[4:54] <sm2>https://media.depechemode-live.com/stream/dm1984-03-30.sbd-tv.unknown.unknown.flac1648/01.m4a</sm2> [[Told You So]]
#[4:54] <sm2>https://media.dmlive.wiki/stream/dm1984-03-30.sbd-tv.unknown.unknown.flac1648/01.m4a</sm2> [[Told You So]]
#[3:59] <sm2>https://media.depechemode-live.com/stream/dm1984-03-30.sbd-tv.unknown.unknown.flac1648/02.m4a</sm2> [[People Are People]]
#[3:59] <sm2>https://media.dmlive.wiki/stream/dm1984-03-30.sbd-tv.unknown.unknown.flac1648/02.m4a</sm2> [[People Are People]]
*Total time: 8:53
*Total time: 8:53

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== Download ==
== Download ==

*[https://depechemode-live.com/torrents/dm1984-03-30.sbd-tv.unknown.unknown.flac1648.torrent Download via torrent] - FLAC 16-bit 48khz - 50.3MB
*[https://media.dmlive.wiki/downloads/dm1984-03-30.sbd-tv.unknown.unknown.flac1648.zip Download ZIP] - FLAC 16-bit 48khz - 50.3MB

[[Category:Soundboard recordings]]
[[Category:Soundboard recordings]]

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Two soundboard tracks from a TV performance. Sound is excellent. This performance is apparently the "live" debut of People Are People. This is a "hybrid" playback / live performance, with choruses mostly playbacked and verses sung live. Some interesting synth lines are played in contrast to later live versions of the 1984-1985 Some Great Reward Tour. A similar, if not identical version was later played at 1984-06-02 Suedwest Stadium, Ludwigshafen, Germany


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [4:54] Play Told You So
  2. [3:59] Play People Are People
  • Total time: 8:53


  • unknown -> DVD -> DVD Audio Extractor 7.2.0 -> FLAC level 8