1990-09-0x Beats Per Minute, CFNY 102.1 FM, Toronto, Canada

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This article is about the first of two parts in the 1990 Beats Per Minute CFNY 102.1 FM radio interview with Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher. For part two, see 1990-09-1x Beats Per Minute, CFNY 102.1 FM, Toronto, Canada.

1990-09-0x Beats Per Minute, CFNY 102.1 FM was a September 1990 interview with Andrew Fletcher that aired as the first of two parts in a two week special.


An interview with Martin Gore was broadcast the following week. Both interviews are conducted by radio host Skot Turner and were recorded prior to the 21 June concert in Montreal.

  • Duration: 08:03 minutes



  • Maxell UR 90 normal position cassette tape -> Nakamichi BX-300 (azimuth and pitch adjusted for this tape) -> Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 8-foot RCA cable -> Creative Sound Blaster ZxR (RCA Line In) -> Audacity 2.3.2 (track splits, audio capture at 32-bit / 88.2kHz, normalization to -0.1dB and any DC offset removed) -> WAV (32/88.2) -> downsampled to FLAC level 8 (16/44) using foobar2000 v1.5, FLAC 1.3.2 64-bit, and foobar2000's Resampler (SoX) component v0.8.3 (best quality), dithering enabled
  • Taper: bobcat
  • Transfer: DMLiveWiki