1998-12-20 Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA, USA

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Here is the diary entry by 'Brat':

Sadly, a lot of people at the show tonight were not prepared for the bone-chilling temperatures (high 30's / low 40's), which is not what California is really known for during the Christmas season. Many fans were shivering outside (or smartly waiting in their cars - with the heater on) waiting for the doors to open. Once inside, the packed crowd did their best imitation of a plane departing when DM hit the stage (read: they were LOUD). As expected, another great show.

After the show, in the Band Hospitality area, there was the usual crowd of fans, label people, and crew. Also on hand was Bon Harris (from Nitzer Ebb), who was hanging out with some of the DM tour crew. Meanwhile, Mr. Andy Franks ("tour manager extraordinaire", to quote Jody), was getting down to finding the culprit who stole the table football ball. Sadly, it was not found (I wanted to play), so instead people were using the table as a coaster for their drinks (an obvious sacrilegious act in the eyes of Mr. Franks).

Set list

  1. Painkiller
  2. A Question Of Time
  3. World In My Eyes
  4. Policy Of Truth
  5. It's No Good
  6. Never Let Me Down Again
  7. Walking In My Shoes
  8. Only When I Lose Myself
  9. A Question Of Lust (*)
  10. Home (*)
  11. Condemnation
  12. In Your Room
  13. Useless
  14. Enjoy The Silence
  15. Personal Jesus
  16. Barrel Of A Gun
  17. Somebody (*)
  18. Behind The Wheel
  19. I Feel You
  20. Just Can't Get Enough