2007-05-11 MusiCares Map Fund Benefit, HenryFonda Music Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Dave Gahan was asked to be a part of the third annual Map Fund Benefit of MusiCares (a foundation that supports musicians who have been in some form of crisis), which was honouring Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell and independent concert promoter Jeff McClusky that year. Dave Gahan got to perform two songs during this event, Policy Of Truth and Personal Jesus.

Band line-up:

  • Dave Gahan: Vocals
  • Victor Indrizzo: Drums
  • Martyn LeNoble: Bass
  • Vincent Jones: keyboard
  • Josh Klinghoffer: Guitar
  • John Frusciante: Guitar

A full recording of both songs exists, taped by someone named 'Slickmode', but it's not online and is rarely traded. Personal Jesus was uploaded on YouTube but later removed by DM's webmaster (note that Victor Indrizzo has stated that he really liked the upload). Later on, it was uploaded on Depechemode.tv (now-defunct), and has been spread back on YouTube here. A recording of the performance of Policy Of Truth has never been online, but DM's webmaster 'Brat' has recorded the rehearsal of this song. This video is no longer on DM's official site, but it is on YouTube.

During the red carpet interviews, Dave also revealed that he was working on a solo album that would become 'Hourglass'.

Dave Gahan told Artisannews:

"Well I was asked to do it, which I was honored to be asked and like I said some of the people involved in it were instrumental in getting me help and pointing me in the right direction, years ago. So, it's weird that life goes like that, when you're awake and showing up for it, things happen. I think it was a couple of phone calls. I know that John was asked to do it and then I was asked to do it and I was like "Is John doing it?" and it's one of those kind of things. And the chance to go out and play with him, he's quite a fan of Depeche Mode and it's great. I'm a big fan of what he does."

Set list

  1. Policy Of Truth
  2. Personal Jesus