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The Depeche Mode Information Service was an official Depeche Mode fan club newsletter publication that circulated from 1981 through 1988. Initial production of the newsletter was managed by Joanne Fox (then-girlfriend and first wife of Dave Gahan), Anne Swindell (then-girlfriend of Martin Gore), and Deb Danahay (then-girlfriend of Vince Clarke) until December 1981, when Vince Clarke's departure from Depeche Mode prompted Danahay's departure from the publication. Fox assumed primary responsibility for the production of the newsletter upon Swindell's departure in June 1983 and oversaw its publication through August 1985, when Depeche Mode tour merchandiser Bravado's took on production duties. The newsletter would transition to a full-fledged magazine format in 1988 as BONG magazine, which ran from 1988 until the closure of the Depeche Mode fan club in 2002.

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Miscellaneous Depeche Mode Information Service 1985 Introductory Letter


The newsletter was published on a monthly basis from 1981 through August 1985[1], when it transitioned to a once every two month issue upon the change in production duties from Joanne Fox to tour merchandiser Bravado's.


  1. With the exception of the April/May 1983 issue

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