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This page contains a ZIP archive download of most of the genuine Depeche Mode or solo members' demos and studio outtakes which currently circulate and are not officially released, in the best possible quality obtainable at this time.

Further details and background information about all of these songs and about more demos or outtakes which do not currently circulate can be found on the main page for this subpage. It is a highly suggested read if you haven't done so yet.

Many, but not all, of the FLAC tracks are sourced from low-generation cassettes transferred by the Depeche Mode Live Wiki. Several tracks are available only as MP3-encoded files, or the best-sounding version found is unfortunately MP3-encoded (as in the case of the "Enjoy The Silence" and "Interlude #3" demos).

I was not able to find the original WMA file of the "Freelove" (No Guitar) excerpt from Svenner's webpage, even on It would be appreciated if someone could email it to me.

Track list

Clicking the text in parenthesis will lead you to the relevant section of the main Demos & Studio Outtakes page so you can view more information. You will be able to stream the song at the link as well.

  1. [1:30] Play Photographic (Vince Clarke Demo)
  2. [1:00] Play Television Set (Vince Clarke Demo)
  3. [1:00] Play Unknown Instrumental (Vince Clarke Demo)
  4. [1:00] Play Unknown Track (Vince Clarke Demo)
  5. [3:12] Play Let's Get Together (Vince Clarke Demo)
  6. [3:42] Play Ice Machine (Summer 1980 Demo)
  7. [3:37] Play Radio News (Summer 1980 Demo)
  8. [3:21] Play Photographic (Summer 1980 Demo)
  9. [4:31] Play Love In Itself (Martin L. Gore Demo)
  10. [3:44] Play Told You So (Martin L. Gore Demo)
  11. [4:33] Play And Then... (Martin L. Gore Demo)
  12. [5:04] Play Pipeline (Martin L. Gore Demo)
  13. [5:12] Play All By Themselves (Martin L. Gore Demo)
  14. [4:12] Play Lie To Me (Martin L. Gore Demo)
  15. [3:09] Play Stories Of Old (Studio Outtake)
  16. [3:39] Play Master And Servant (Studio Outtake)
  17. [4:35] Play Violence (Alan Wilder Demo)
  18. [4:25] Play If You Want (Alan Wilder Demo)
  19. [4:58] Play I Feel No Guilt (Alan Wilder Demo)
  20. [5:12] Play Until You've Sown The Seed (Alan Wilder Demo)
  21. [4:20] Play Shake The Disease (Martin L. Gore Demo)
  22. [4:45] Play Here Is The House (Martin L. Gore Demo)
  23. [2:35] Play I Love You Love Me Love (Martin L. Gore Demo)
  24. [4:15] Play It's Called A Heart (Studio Outtake)
  25. [5:11] Play Fly On The Windscreen (Studio Outtake)
  26. [0:34] Play World Full Of Nothing (Alternate Version Excerpt)
  27. [4:33] Play Christmas Island (Emulator II Sequence)
  28. [5:28] Play Sacred (Studio Outtake)
  29. [5:12] Play Behind The Wheel (Studio Outtake)
  30. [3:50] Play I Want You Now (Studio Outtake)
  31. [4:27] Play Agent Orange (Studio Outtake)
  32. [3:49] Play Strangelove (Studio Outtake)
  33. [2:49] Play Down In The Boondocks (Martin L. Gore Counterfeit e.p. Outtake)
  34. [2:02] Play Enjoy The Silence (Martin L. Gore Demo)
  35. [3:40] Play Memphisto (Martin L. Gore Demo)
  36. [2:21] Play Sibeling (Martin L. Gore Demo)
  37. [1:10] Play Interlude #3 (Martin L. Gore Demo)
  38. [4:22] Play Halo (Studio Outtake)
  39. [6:47] Play Barrel Of A Gun (Studio Outtake)
  40. [4:56] Play Hole To Feed (Studio Outtake)
  41. [4:16] Play Fragile Tension (Rough Mix)
  42. [4:09] Play Come Back (Studio Outtake)

Total time: 2:37:06