If You Want

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If You Want
Song If You Want
By Depeche Mode
Songwriter Alan Wilder
Produced by Depeche Mode
Daniel Miller
Gareth Jones
Recorded at Music Works (Highbury, London)
Hansa Mischraum (Berlin)
Length (mm:ss) 4:40
Tempo 137 BPM
Time signature 4
Key E♭ Major
Engineering assistance Ben Ward
Stefi Marcus
Colin McMahon
Design Martyn Atkins
David A. Jones
Photography Brian Griffin
Photography assistance Stuart Graham
Recorded January - August 1984
Originally released 24 September 1984
Live performances as Depeche Mode 81 times *
Total live performances 81 times *

"If You Want" is a song from the 1984 album Some Great Reward by Depeche Mode.


From the November 1984 issue of International Musician And Recording World:

Alan: "We were doing this combination with Martin doing his Indian voice combined with a bassoon type sound."

Martin: [launches into his Indian voice] "It was pretty ethnic."


If You Want

Working week's come to its end

Party time is here again

Everyone can come if they want to

If you want to be with me

If you want to be with me

You can come with me if you want to

Exercise your basic right

We could build a building site

From the bricks of shame is built the hope

If you want to be with me

If you want to be with me

Even though you may still not want to

Let tomorrow and today

Bring a life of ecstacy

Wipe away your tears of confusion

If you want to be with me

If you want to be with me

You can come with me if you want to

Even though you may still not want to / Even though you still may not want to[1]

Songwriter: Alan Wilder
Publishing Information: ©1984 Grabbing Hands Music Ltd/EMI Music Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.

Demo version

If You Want is the penultimate track on the 1984 album "Some Great Reward" and is the second track on Alan Wilder's 1984 "Some Great Reward" Demo Tape, which consists of four tracks. You can stream the entire demo track below, or download the entire four-track demo tape here.

Live performances

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  1. There is a single change in lyrics between the album and the demo versions in the last line of the song. The placement of the words "still" and "may" appear in sequence in the demo version, and are reversed in the album version.