Interlude No. 2 - Crucified

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'Crucified' is one of two unlisted interludes that appears on the album 'Violator'. It is also commonly referred to as 'Interlude #2', with 'Interlude #1' appearing on 'Music For The Masses' and 'Interlude #3' appearing after Violator's 'Blue Dress'. It appears after 'Enjoy The Silence' and lasts about 1:38 minutes. It has a distorted sample of Andy Fletcher saying the word "crucified". Alan Wilder once commented in his Q&A section:

"Dave plays a unique form of guitar. He has his own 'special' style. We used some of his playing as sound effects in one of the crossfade sections of 'Violator'."

Thus, this interlude appears to be the first noted recording of an instrumental delivery by Dave Gahan, and the second noted recording of a vocal by Andy Fletcher (with the first recording being for 'The Sun And The Rainfall', which you can listen here).

Dates where Interlude No. 2 - Crucified was played

Interlude No. 2 - Crucified has never been played live.