Interlude No. 3

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'Interlude No. 3' is the second of two unlisted instrumental interludes that appear on the 1990 Depeche Mode album Violator. It is the first interlude by Depeche Mode to not feature a subtitle, as is the naming convention set by the preceding 'Interlude No. 2 - Crucified' from the same album and 'Interlude No. 1 - Mission Impossible' from 1987's Music For The Masses. The interlude occurs between 'Blue Dress' and 'Clean' and features a string and clarinet duet embellished by reverberated vocal stabs interspersed with washes of ambient noise, producing a contemplative instrumental interlude that serves as a dramatic build-up to the final moments of Violator.

Dates where Interlude No. 3 was played

Interlude No. 3 has never been played live.

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