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Alan Wilder 'Selected' - - Photo by Steve Gullick.jpg
Recoil founder Alan Wilder (photo by Steve Gullick)
Background information
Sussex, England
Years active

Recoil is an award-winning musical project founded by English musician and former Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder. Created as an experimental project whilst Wilder was still a member of Depeche Mode, Recoil became the classically-trained musician's primary solo venture upon his departure from the group in 1995. To date, the project has produced three EPs, three LPs, a compilation album, and an international tour spanning 52 cities across the world.



Wilder had consistently experimented with original musical ideas as the result of his status as the foremost "musician" of Depeche Mode throughout their formative years, but it was not until Mute Records founder Daniel Miller heard some of his audio sketches (recorded on 4-track cassette) that the Recoil solo project began. The summer 1986 release 1 + 2 would be Recoil's debut EP, comprised of primitive demos which Wilder had completed several years prior.[1]

1 + 2 (1986)

Hydrology (1988)

Hydrology Plus 1 + 2 (1988)

Bloodline (1992)

Unsound Methods (1997)

Liquid (2000)

SubHuman (2007)

Selected (2010)