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A stub is a very short article that contains an insufficient amount of information. Often comprised of less than a paragraph of text, stubs are often too brief or poorly-written to fully meet the encyclopedic goal DM Live strives to provide. You are encouraged to help by identifying stub articles and adding additional information to expand them.

As DM Live is a collaborative encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute, it is possible the page you were visiting prior to this page is a stub. You can help DM Live by clicking the back button in your browser and contributing your knowledge.

If you are creating an article that is a stub, please add {{Stub}} to the top of the page to mark it as such. If you are currently unable to provide additional information to an existing article that is not marked as a stub, please add the {{Stub}} tag to the top of the article (should the tag not already be there) to mark the article as such.

There are a selection of optional stub messages and categories that can be applied when adding the stub tag to an article. These optional parameters help further categorize stubs by topic, making future edits easier to manage:

  • {{stub|Album}} - album-related articles
  • {{stub|Song}} - song-related articles
  • {{stub|Location}} - location-related articles
  • {{stub|Person}} - person-related articles
  • {{stub|Product}} - product-related articles
  • {{stub|Recording}} - recording-related articles
  • {{stub|Event}} - event-related articles

Your smallest contribution is greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping DM Live grow!

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