1980-08-16 Crocs, Rayleigh, Essex, England, UK

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Crocs was named as such because there was a real crocodile in an aquarium there. Gary Turner, the owner of the club, remembered in 2011 (translated):

"I already knew Dave Gahan from previous nights together at some clubs in London, his presence was noticeable. He bought at the time many of his clothes at my Pin Up shop in Southend, where I sold just about anything: from lederhosen to bondage outfits, accessories from Malcom McLaren's shop "Sex", but also fishnet shirts and S&M toys. One day, Dave told me he's singing in a band, so I went to his earliest concerts, which now could be called glorified rehearsals. I liked them, so I gave them a gig at the Glamour Club. That's how I called my night in "Crocs", every Saturday from 8pm till 2am. The door policy was very elitist. Only those who dressed accordingly would be allowed to come in: either in leather, pants, jackets, caps, or like Boy George and his friends."