1980-12-28 Bridge House, London, England, UK

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Deb Danahay's ex-husband Martin Mann went to this concert, and recalled to Jonathan Miller for his 'Stripped' biography:

"I was in the dressing room with [Depeche Mode] before they went on. There was a band on before them called Industrial [Muzic], and they were really heavy. I remember saying, 'They're a bit too industrial for me, this lot' - sort of like a punky, heavy -metal- type band. Then [Depeche Mode] came on, which was totally different. They started the old drum machine up, but it was playing up and stopped at one point, and someone at the back shouted, 'Put another 50p in the machine!' But they were great; I can still remember some of the songs that they played that never went on to record."