1981-08-23 Twentieth Century Box, ITV, UK

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Twentieth Century Box, hosted by radio and television commentator Danny Baker, aired an episode about the band Naked Lunch, and also about Depeche Mode.

The episode contains footage of Depeche Mode at the Basildon Bowling Alley and at Dave Gahan's mother's house both filmed on June 26, 1981, rehearsing Let's Get Together and being notified that they are going to appear on Top Of The Pops in Blackwing Studios on June 23, 1981, the band being interviewed outside said studio, interviews with fans outside the venue prior to the 1981-06-27 Crocs, Rayleigh, Essex, England, UK concert, as well as footage recorded inside the venue which disappointingly consists of playback performances of New Life and Shout and not actual live concert footage.

The broadcast date of the episode was August 23, 1981. According to Naked Lunch's website's history section, Tony Mayo of Naked Lunch suggested to Twentieth Century Box that they should feature Depeche Mode on the same episode as them.


Many thanks to the official Naked Lunch website for acquiring and sharing this excellent quality video. The footage below contains only the relevant Depeche Mode segment of the episode and was cut out from the original file using LosslessCut. The full episode is available to view at Naked Lunch's website, at the bottom of this page.