1981-12-03 Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester, England, UK/Source 2

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A very good pro-shot video of the last concert with Vince Clarke. This version has significantly better quality than previous copies available. This video is sourced from a Nickelodeon television broadcast on July 2, 1983.

This Betamax tape was an eBay purchase, which cost $19.99 (pre-shipping). Also contained on this tape is a performance of Duran Duran In Concert At Hammersmith Odeon, Thompson Twins Side Kicks The Movie (1983), Public Image LTD, On Radio 1990, and Talk Talk in concert.

The video quality, considering it's sourced from a Betamax tape, is quite good; however, it does exhibit some color bleed and horizontal white streaks, often referred to as 'meteors'. The audio is quite hissy, and for some reason, the first 50 seconds of Photographic are significantly quieter than the rest of the audio. However, this audio lacks the overpowering and distorted bass present in the previous source.

New Life is missing approximately a minute, and I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead lacks the middle instrumental bridge. It seems that these portions were removed from the broadcast and were not a result of the taper pausing.

You can find the audio extracted from this video separately under Source 1.

Thanks to Mickey's VHS and Betamax Finds for digitizing the source video and also for providing the well-encoded pre-YouTube version publicly via Google Drive.


NOTE: This audio has been re-encoded from its original format (HEVC) in order to allow streaming. Quality may be noticeably diminished compared to the original files which you can download below.

You can watch this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [3:24] Photographic
  2. [2:58] New Life
  3. [3:34] Puppets
  4. [1:47] I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
  5. [3:02] Tora! Tora! Tora!
  6. [3:43] Just Can't Get Enough
  7. [2:45] Boys Say Go!
  8. [2:47] What's Your Name?
  • Total time: 24:00


  • unknown taper and equipment -> unknown transfer -> deinterlaced 59.94FPS HEVC 720x480 NTSC MKV with 16/48 PCM audio from VHS and Betamax Finds' Google Drive -> LosslessCut to cut out DM segment without any re-encoding -> audio demuxed and converted to FLAC level 8 to save space -> remuxed to MKV and chapters added with MKVToolNix
  • Generation: unknown
  • Transfer: Mickey's VHS and Betamax Finds
  • Video specifications: HEVC ~22.7Mbps 720x480 59.94FPS (deinterlaced)
  • Audio specifications: 698kbps 16-bit 48khz FLAC level 8