1982-03-22 Grand Hôtel, Stockholm, Sweden

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These tracks are sourced from a show called Måndagbörsen on Swedish TV channel SVT1, aired live from the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm on the 22nd of March.


  • Source 1 is a very good sounding soundboard recording originating from a TV broadcast. The files are AC3 192kbps.


Set list

  1. New Life
  2. Interview
  3. See You
  4. Just Can't Get Enough

Interview transcript

Host: Very welcome here, David.

Dave: Pardon?

Host: This time, I said, "Very welcome here, David".

Dave: Eheh, David, yeah.

Host: You have an all-synth band, and it's not yet that common, I've only heard about three famous synthbands in England. Was this the way you formed the band?

Dave: No, when we began we had guitars, there was a bassguitar and a general guitar, and a drum machine, but then we gradually we changed over to all-synths.

Host: Why did you quit the guitar and the bass?

Dave: It just seemed like a natural thing, like, Martin had a synthesiser, and Andy and Vince bought one, following. It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Host: Do you think synthesisers can replace real instruments totally?

Dave: No, I don't think so. There'll always be guitars and drums, I think, but we're using them, in the same format as a normal band, like bass, rhythm, and lead guitar, and the drums on tape. But, it's okay.

Host: You're quite a new band, and most of the guys are pretty young. Where do you have your musical roots?

Dave: Well, we live in a suburb from London, which is called Basildon, and it's a new town, and we're a new band, so I think that says it all. (laughs)

Host: What do you want people to experience when they listen to your music?

Dave: Just to have good fun, and enjoy it with us, and they don't have to find anything from the music or the lyrics, as long as they enjoy it.

Host: Do you think that the band will look the same in another two years, with only synths?

Dave: If you come back in two years time, then you can see. I don't think we're gonna change. You never know though, we might change in a week's time, but, who knows?

Host: Alright, this first song, New Life, what is that about?

Dave: I don't really know. Vince wrote the lyrics, and he's recently left the band, (audience laughs), and eh, we never eh, we've always asked him what the lyrics meant, but but don't know. You'd have to ask Vince.

Host: What will this next song be?

Dave: See You.