1982-03-30 Rainbow Club, Oberkorn, Luxembourg/Source 1

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A pro-shot video of three songs was published by RTL Luxembourg on May 28, 2022, in memoriam of Andrew Fletcher's passing two days prior. Video and audio quality is excellent.

This concert had been planned to have been professionally recorded, but numerous technical issues were encountered during the concert. It is fortunate that this footage was able to be captured and preserved. It is currently unknown whether more video footage or audio from this concert exists and is still viable for preservation. More background information can be read on the main wiki page for this concert date.

The audio by itself, split into tracks, can be found at Source 2.


You can watch this recording at RTL Luxembourg's website here. No wiki stream is offered because the original stream is still available.

Track list

  1. [4:07] See You
  2. [3:36] New Life
  3. [3:46] Just Can't Get Enough

Total time: 11:29


  • 1080p stream capture from RTL Luxembourg website -> MP4 file -> LosslessCut to add chapters -> MKV file (no re-encoding)
  • Capture: DMRobo
  • Video specifications: 1920x1080 25FPS, AVC 6,045kb/s bitrate
  • Audio specifications: 128kbps 44.1khz AAC-LC