1982-12-23 Whatever You Want, The Ace, Brixton, England, UK

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Depeche Mode gave a short interview and played three tracks on the television show "Whatever You Want" on Channel 4. This television show may also be known as "Whatever You Didn't Get" by RPM Productions. The show also booked support acts for their main acts; Fad Gadget was Depeche Mode's support act. The presenter was Keith Allen.

Note that the interview was recorded on 1983-02-09, as Depeche Mode Classic Photos and Videos explains here (group membership required; quoted below):

On February 9th 1983 Depeche Mode recorded a performance of “Get The Balance Right” for the BBC TV Show Top Of The Pops in the BBC Studios in London.

During the course of that day Depeche Mode also recorded an interview for the BBC TV Show "Whatever You Want" which featured footage from Depeche Modes concert at the Brixton Ace on December 23rd 1982.

The reason we now know this interview was recorded on the 9th is because Depeche played a one off concert at Frankfurt Messehalle on February 7th and they do not mention this in the interview and also mentioned is that they have up and coming concerts in the USA & Japan at the end of March and the beginning of May , also mentioned by Fletch is that “Get The Balance Right” (BONG2) has only just been released which was on the 31st Janaury 1983.

If you observe the clothing Depeche Mode are wearing in the footage where you see them playing Table Tennis matches the Top Of the Pops performance (Apart from Daves pants , changed to leather) which was broadcast on February 10th confirms this took place the 9th February as it was recorded the day before broadcast.

Newly released records that entered the charts always appeared on Top Of The Pops 10 days after release so 31st January - 10th February ties up exactly.

We firmly believe that Depeche would have flown back from Stuttgart to London on the 8th February and did this interview on the 9th as well as Top Of The Pops at BBC Studios London.

Set list

  1. Interview
  2. Tora! Tora! Tora!
  3. The Meaning Of Love
  4. Satellite


  • Source 1 is a good quality PAL DVD of the broadcast. Unfortunately, it is missing Satellite.
  • Source 2 is the good soundboard audio demuxed from the PAL DVD found at Source 1.