1983-12-08 Unknown, Berlin, Germany

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SoundCloud user DELTAFORCE70 ForTheMasses has uploaded a file on his account, in which fans can be heard picking out cards with the names and addresses of winners who get a free ticket to one of the three concerts at Musikhalle in Hamburg in the third week of December that year. They appear to be sitting in a hollow hotel room with a female and male interviewer. The recording starts when Dave Gahan is busy reading an address out loud, and as soon as the female interviewer says "Okay?", the band starts singing 'Everything Counts' a cappella, meaning that she asked them to do so before the recording took place. This recording has been circulating among fans for some time, and it is said that this was recorded on December 8th, while they were in Berlin to perform at Deutschlandhalle.

The quality of the recording is quite bad, so it is difficult to understand what they are saying at some points, which means that some parts may have been transcribed incorrectly or not at all.

  • Duration: 01:58 minutes



Dave: 2... Uh, 2084, Rel-

Martin: -Rellingen.

Dave: Rellingen.

Female interviewer: Couldn't have done it better myself. Okay?

Dave: Okay.

Alan?: [sings a high note]

Dave: Come on, two, three, four.

[the band sings 'Everything Counts' a cappella]

[everyone claps]

Dave: That's not all we're going to do towards the end at Hamburg, I am looking forward to seeing you all again at the, eh...

Fletch: -Musikhalle.

Dave: ...Musikhalle, in December. So we'll see you there. Thank you.

Female interviewer: Ja. Und jetzt kommen gleich außer den anderen Leute, die zehn Leute die Karten gewonnen haben die Sie also in der Musikhalle-Szene sehen werden, und zwar exklusiv [???]

[Translation: Yes. And now are, besides the other people, those ten people who have won tickets with which they will appear at the Musikhalle, and indeed exclusive [???] ]

Martin: I'm first.

Dave: You'll never read that card.

Martin: Oh, I cannot read that. Torsten Beuvier, Alec Sigor, Room 67.

[The band laughs]

Alan: I already know them well.

Dave: This is Dave. Not as funny: Claudia Lorber...

[Fletch laughs at Dave's pronunciation]

Dave: ... Premierstraße 230, 2940 Wilhelmshaven.

[The band laughs at Dave's pronunciation]

Male interviewer: Okay, dritte Karte.

[Translation: Okay, third card.]

Fletch: Do you wanna go, Al?

Alan: Alright, coming over.

Fletch: "Go visit West Hampstead."