1983-12-xx ID Greetings, Debüt LP, Debüt, Ellerhoop, Germany

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Debüt was a label which made compilation LPs combined with magazine issues. Issue no. 2, published in December 1983, contained The Meaning Of Love (Live at Hammersmith Odeon) on the LP and had Depeche Mode on the magazine cover with an interview inside. An ID greeting by Martin Gore in German preceded the live track.

  • Duration: 00:22 minutes


Martin Gore: Viele Grüßer an die Leser von Debüt, von Martin Gore von Depeche Mode. Wir freuen uns auf euch in Dezember zu sehen.

[Translation: "Greetings to the readers of Debüt, from Martin Gore of Depeche Mode. We are looking forward to seeing you in December."]