1983-12-xx RockTempel, KRO FM, Hilversum, Netherlands

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Martin Gore is calling from London in order to be interviewed by Anneleen Sitters from the Dutch radio station KRO for their programme RockTempel for a mere 2 minutes. Since Martin says that he's in London at that moment, and DM have already performed there that year, that means that this interview took place after December 23rd when DM had finished their tour. This file was uploaded by SoundCloud user 'Depeche Mode NL' here.

  • Duration: 3:10 minutes



Host: ...calling you. In the next two minutes we're gonna play the phone call from Anneleen Sitters, she wants to talk to you for about two minutes.

Martin Gore: Okay then, yep.

Host: Here we go.

Anneleen: Hello Martin.

Martin: Hello?

Anneleen: Hello Martin, this is Annelee- [giggles]

Martin: -It's a very quiet line, by the way, I can hardly hear you.

Anneleen: Okay.

Host: We'll try and do something about that.

Anneleen: Okay, the first question is, where do you get your inspiration for your realistic songs?

Martin: Oh, from anywhere, really. From personal experiences, from reading, observations, anything, really.

Anneleen: Alright. And the latest Depeche Mode records were recorded and mixed at the Hansa Studios in Berlin.

Martin: Yes, that's right.

Anneleen: what's so special about recording in Berlin?

Martin: Well, originally we went over their to mix our last album, mainly because our engineer had worked there a lot, and he was really impressed with the studio, because it's a computer desk, 56 channels, it's sort of got everything really, good working atmosphere. And we were impressed by it as well, and just decided, like, just to start over there for this one single, just to test it out. I don't think we're gonna be recording over there next time.

Anneleen: Right. And I've got a question about the supergroup Sense.

Martin: Yeah?

Anneleen: Where did you guys pick them up?

Martin: Where did we pick them up? Ehm, I think it was just related, really, they were suggested to us. Originally we were looking for a band without a drummer, maybe a one solo performer or a two-piece, because they're easy to soundcheck and everything, but it's very difficult to find that sort of band. In the end, Sense was suggested to us, and we just thought they sounded okay, so we took them out on tour with us.

Anneleen: Well, I liked them a lot, so that's why I asked.

Martin. Yeah.

Anneleen: Have you guys still got any contact with Vince Clarke?

Martin: I haven't seen him for ages, but it's funny actually, because I might be seeing him tonight.

Anneleen: Oh!

Martin: Because I'm staying up in London at the moment, and Daniel informed me today that Vince is in London as well, so maybe we'll go out tonight, I've got to phone him yet, but I think it's quite a possibility.

Anneleen: Oh, funny.

Host: It's like [when] we phoned you, Martin.[1]

Martin: Sorry?

Host: It's like [when] we phoned you... You have to phone Vince Clarke, and we phoned you this afternoon to be on our programme. Two minutes are up already.

Martin: Yeah?

Host: It's going very quick. Thanks for being on the programme.

Martin: That's alright.

Host: And by the way, can you capture Hilversum 3 over there in London?[2]

Martin: Sorry?

Host: Can you capture Hilversum 3 over there? In London?

Martin: Capture?

Host: Yeah, can you receive Hilversum 3?

Martin: Oh, no, I don't think so.

Host: Dutch radio. Try it on the 11th of April, because we're gonna broadcast live things you did here in Amsterdam.[3]

Martin: Oh dear. [laughs] I have to give that a miss anyway. [laughs]

Host: Thanks for being on the programme.

Martin: Alright.

Host: Bye bye.

Martin: Thank you, bye.

  1. I think the interviewer is just trying some lame joke here, by insinuating that life is full of coincidences.
  2. "capture" is a poor translation of what he's really meaning to say, which is "receive".
  3. These "live things" can be downloaded over here.