1984-12-19 Mal Sondocks Hitparade, WDR, Cologne, Germany

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Mal Sondock presented a hit parade every Wednesday from 1981 till 1984. For the last episode in December 1984, many famous artists gave a greeting for the listeners, such as Depeche Mode, but some also thanked Mal for his work on this hit parade. A fan-site for Mal Sondock contains many excerpts of Mal's broadcasts, including Depeche Mode's greeting.

DM's song Blasphemous Rumours was on number 12 in Mal Sondock's Hitparade that week.

  • Duration: 00:23 minutes



Mal: Wir haben noch Weihnachtsgrüße von Depeche Mode, Queen und Billy Ocean.

Dave: Hi, hi Mal, this is Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. Merry Christmas to all the listeners.

Andy: Hello this is Andy Fletcher from Depeche-ay Mode, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Martin: Hi Mal, this is Martin Gore from Depech-ay Mode, wishing all you listeners a happy Christmas and merry new year.

[Unknown person, in the background]: ...or the other way around.

Martin: [laughs]

Alan: Hello Mal, I'm Alan Wilder, and Merry Christmas to all the listeners.