1989-02-xx Mean Fiddler, London, UK

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BONG magazine reported in its fifth issue:

A surprise 'concert' was held at the Mean Fiddler in London in honour of Gerry McKenna who was leaving Mute after working there forever! Artists included Nick Cave ('Leaving On A Jetplane') and 'Duo Diablo' - who looked uncannily like Andy Fletcher and Martin Gore! This odd couple did a foot-stomping rendition of 'Thirty Days' which is apparently a "Chuck Berry classic".

Dave Gahan said in the March 1989 issue of German magazine Spex (translated from German):

"We had a wonderful evening last Friday night, when an employee left the company after eight years and gave a party at the Mean Fiddler, with all of [Mute's] band playing acoustic sets. Nick Cave, Erasure, Wire, us - it went on all night. [Being with Mute] matters a lot - it's like a family."

There are no known photos or recordings of "Duo Diablo"'s performance.

Set list

Please note that this is a tentative set list compiled from second-hand information and the track order may not be accurate.

  1. Thirty Days (Chuck Berry cover)