1989-04-xx Les Cents Et Une Nuits, Best Magazine, Paris, France

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Depeche Mode went to Paris on February 20th 1989 to attend the very first premiere of their film '101' at Club d'Etoile. While there, they not only attended a platinum award presentation for 'Music For The Masses' at La Locomotive, but they also did an interview with Isabelle Karcher for Best Magazine. Best magazine used this interview as a cover story for their April 1989 issue (which you can read here), and they included a cassette tape containing this interview, called "Les Cents Et Une Nuits" ("101 nights"). Isabelle dubs the interview, so it is difficult to hear what all members of Depeche Mode are saying unless you speak French. This tape lasts 49:27 minutes and is interspersed with song excerpts. For the re-upload below, the songs have been cut off.

  • Duration: 20:57 (out of 49:27 minutes)



  • master cassette -> transfer by DMLiveWiki -> FLAC (normalized, and speed-corrected) -> MP3 (songs have been cut off)