1990-03-20 KROQ, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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The radio broadcast from the Wherehouse in-store appearance. This broadcast lasted all day long, and featured most of the KROQ DJ's, including The Poorman, Katy Manor, Jed The Fish, Ramondo, Scott Mason and Swedish Egil.

See also 1990-03-20 The Wherehouse (Sire-Reprise PRO-C-4329), a cassette that was released by KROQ following this important day in Depeche Mode history. Andrew Fletcher was interviewed by Richard Blade the following day, see 1990-03-21 KROQ, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Radio broadcast and radio commercial recorded and uploaded by Daniel "BRAT" Barassi on depechemode.com.

  • Duration: 26:10