1993-10-09 The Summit, Houston, TX, USA

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Dave suffered from a heart attack near the end of the concert at 1993-10-08 Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, LA, USA and the concert was cut short. The concert planned for 1993-10-09 The Summit, Houston, TX, USA was subsequently moved from the 9th October to 1993-10-11 The Summit, Houston, TX, USA to give Dave Gahan a bit of recovery time from his current health condition.

Dave Gahan said in the May 2001 issue of Uncut magazine:

"I was told by the doctor that maybe I should continue the rest of the tour on a stool, as my heart probably wouldn't take it. I looked at my manager and said 'I can't do that!' So we cancelled the next show, I got one day off, and then just carried on."