1993-11-27 Aladdin Theatre, Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Advertisement showing Depeche Mode. Credit to The Wristband Diaries.

This concert was cancelled due to Dave Gahan having voice problems.

Tour itinerary page; credit goes to the Facebook group Depeche Mode Classic Photos and Videos.

DEVOTIONAL Tour Diary Part 4: November 27th, LAS VEGAS: Kessler phoned and told me the Vegas show is cancelled. Dave's voice is shot to bits, and he's got flu to boot, Bummer. I've never been there, and I was supposed to do my gig with THE THE. Life seems like one disappointment after another at the moment. Fletch just rang. He says the plane is still going to Vegas and do I want to jump in with him and Grainne. Oh superb! A night off in Vegas with a pocketful of greenbacks!